Appreciation for the Financial Assistance

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing this letter to express our appreciation for the financial assistance we received from Families in Defense of Youth for our child’s karate lessons and to extend our gratitude to both Family Self Defense Center, Novi and FIDoY. Our child was going to FSDC’s karate program through Novi Parks and Rec for learning karate and methods of self defense. It was helping them not only learning skills in Karate, but also gaining the invaluable experience of team work, learning the importance of healthy living and building self-confidence. The instructors were very helpful and the environment was very much conducive to smooth learning. Our chile was not only learning karate but also enjoying the overall experience. Everything was going on as expected until we were faced with some financial challenges and were not in a position to continue the training for our child despite our strong desire to do so. We let FSDC know our decision. FSDC then came forward with the financial assistance provided through FIDoY to continue with the Novi Parks program. It was because of the assistance that our child could continue these lessons. As I mentioned this is helping our child tremendously in all respects. I would definitely recommend this program to other kids too.

I am sure there are other families who are in similar situation like ours. The more financial assistance FSDC/FIDoY can provide, the more number of kids can be benefited from it and continue these wonderful lessons which will help them grow for a better future.