Trying to anticipate your questions, here are the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find your answers below, please click over to the Contact page and ask your question there.


How did FIDOY get started?

FIDOY is the brainchild of two Isshinryu Karate Masters. They thought it would be an effective way of helping at risk and underprivelidged children gain the benefits of martial arts training. The rest is lost in legends and folk tales.

What would my donation be used for?

Donations are used to offset class fees, equipment costs, and the occasional tournament entry fee, for the students we are sponsoring. Basically the necessary expenses to continue the child’s training, and keep them engaged.

How does FIDOY select the children that it sponsors?

FiDOY accepts children that are recommended to us by Novi Youth Assistance. The necessary facts are discretely confirmed with the adults involved, otherwise the details are kept confidential. (To maintain the respect and self-confidence of the child.)​