Families in Defense of Youth, is a charitable organization whose goal is to assist at risk and underprivileged children, and their financially strapped adults, to receive instruction in the martial arts, and to assist them with other costs as necessary to aid in their training.

We believe that this assistance contributes to the following:

  • Building a sound body, mind and spirit
  • Developing discipline, character and qualities of loyalty, honor, courage and brotherhood
  • Giving participants a community that they can be a part of (takes a village to raise a family)
  • Providing role models to follow, and becoming a role model to train others behind you

FIDoY is currently aiding several martial arts students in the Novi, Michigan area, but we would love to be able to help additional deserving children.

If you are interested in learning more about this charity, or how to make a contribution to this worthwhile cause, please see our Frequently Asked Questions, or Contact pages